For the past ten years, the Suncoast Arts Fest (SAF) has brought together quality artists and true art lovers who are motivated to buy. The event takes place in the heart of the Tampa Bay area, convenient to major interstates. And, we’re doing it once again this year – January 17 & 18, 2015.

Please click here for Artists Welcome Letter and important details about setup!

In 2014, the Suncoast Arts Fest was visited by over 100,000 visitors. Guests flocked to the unique, upscale streets of the Shops at Wiregrass, Wesley Chapel Florida and enjoyed the high quality fine arts and fine crafts of 120+ artists at this juried event.

The venue is strategically located off I-75 and is convenient to all of Tampa Bay as well as to communities north of the area.

The show is held at the peak of the tourist season in Tampa Bay and traveling artists are encouraged to combine this show with other Florida shows or a vacation in warm, sunny Florida.

Fine Arts of the Suncoast, Inc. is the producing organization and Pasco County Tourist Development Council is a major sponsor of this event. The Suncoast Arts Fest benefits “Arts for Education!” in Pasco County and supports all the arts for all children.

Event Location

The Shops at Wiregrass

28211 Paseo Drive

Wesley Chapel, Fl. 33543

Contact the show directors with questions at

Artists Amenities

Snack bag – Saturday

Pancake breakfast – Sunday

Complimentary bottles of water

Booth sitters

Overnight security patrols

A deep appreciation for our artists!


Show Dates

  • Sat. Jan. 17th, 2015 10am-6pm
  • Sun. Jan. 18th, 2015 11am-6pm

Check in and Set-Up Hours

  • Friday, 1/16/15 10:30pm – midnight. Artists are welcome to continue after midnight as long as they have been officially checked in (Security on Friday and Saturday evenings)
  • Saturday, 1/17/15: starts at 4am
  • All artists must be set up by 9:30am Sat. 1/17/15




To celebrate our Tenth Anniversary, we are increasing our awards total to $14,000

We will post award designations and amounts as soon as possible.

All correspondence will be sent out by email.


Overall Best of Show $3,000
2-D First Place $2,000
2-D Second Place $1,000
2-D Third Place $500
3-D First Place $2,000
3-D Second Place $1,000
3-D Third Place $500
Jewelry First Place $2,000
Jewelry Second Place $1,000
Jewelry Third Place $500
Overall Booth Design $500
Chalk First Place $200
Chalk Second Place $100
Chalk Third Place $50
Chalk People’s Choice Portion of donations
Emerging First Place $100
Emerging Second Place Ribbon
Emerging Third Place Ribbon



$295 Promotional Video Package for Artists and Chalk Artists

Suncoast Arts Fest is proud to offer a special opportunity for professional videographer & editor services provided by  George Albright (Albright Productions, Inc.). A special rate will be offered for SAF artists and chalk artists for a professionally shot and produced video that can then be used in future promotion. Package includes approx. 30-45 minutes of video taping, which includes interview with artist, shots of artwork and interaction with customers at SAF event. Content will be edited down to approx. 2 minutes with music, natural sound and sound bites.  This personalized video will be digitally distributed to the artist and/or provided via YouTube link. Appointments will be scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 17 starting at 9am. Prepayment is required on our PayPal.

If you are interested in scheduling a video shoot with George, email or call 727-709-1774.

Hit “Submit”. Then, pay your $295 application fee with the Paypal link below:


Overnight Establishments Available to Artists

[table style=”light” align=”center” highlight=”true”]
[th align=”]Hotel[/th]
[th align=”]Phone[/th]
[th align=”]Rate[/th]
[th align=”]Code[/th]
[th align=”]Distance[/th]

[th align=”]Hampton Inn[/th]
[td align=”]813-973-2288[/td]
[td align=”]$99/night +tax[/td]
[td align=”]sun[/td]
[td align=”]2 miles[/td]

[th align=”]Sleep Inn[/th]
[td align=”]813-973-1665[/td]
[td align=”]$69.99/night +tax[/td]
[td align=”]suncoast arts fest[/td]
[td align=”]5 miles[/td]

[th align=”]Best Western[/th]
[td align=”]813-345-2000[/td]
[td align=”]$59.99/night +tax[/td]
[td align=”]suncoast arts fest[/td]
[td align=”]5 miles[/td]

Artist Rules/Show Policies

SAF is a family-oriented cultural event. Artwork exhibited must be appropriate for viewers of all ages. The SAF committee has the sole exclusive and final authority to determine if any work is not acceptable for display.

Artists must be present at their booth during the entire show (10am-6pm on Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sunday) except during brief breaks.  Art work exhibited and the artist booth must be consistent with the quality and type of art images submitted with the application. Sales agents, representatives and proxies will not be permitted.

To maintain the integrity of the show as a fine art and fine craft show, all works must be original, executed only by the applying artist, created by hand and not mass produced. “Buy/Sell” or embellishments on commercial items is absolutely prohibited. This will be strictly enforced in 2014.

All bin work must be matted. All displayed work must be matted and framed or otherwise appropriately finished. We are trying to create an outdoor museum/gallery environment.

Each artist is required to provide a standard white 10’x10′ artist’s tent. Spaces of approximately 12’x12′ will be provided for each tent. All spaces are on streets and tents must be secured by weights only as wind can be an issue – no tent stakes are allowed. Tent canopies may extend out, but presented artwork must be within or hanging from the tent.

Out of respect to fellow exhibitors, each artist must secure his/her booth to withstand all weather conditions and large crowds. Please have tent weights for the wind.

A photo I.D. must be presented by artists at registration to receive an artist packet and booth assignment.

There is street lighting during set up and overnight security both nights.

Electric is available at no charge. Please indicate on application if needed. Artists must bring their own cords and lights and must request electric.

Florida sales tax must be collected on all sales made during the show.

No artist may infringe on anothers space. Artists must not block the designated entrances to Wiregrass shops.

Every effort will be made to allow the artists to drive up to their space to load/unload. However, be prepared to dolly your display to your space. Artist parking will be located in lots convenient to the booth but not at each booth space.

Show closes at 6pm on Sunday, Jan 19th, 2014 when the mall closes.

There will be a designated area for travel trailers to park in the outer parking lot at the Shops at Wiregrass.

Please understand planning takes time and your accepted application is a commitment to participate in the Suncoast Arts Fest. Once accepted, we expect you to honor your contract. Our success depends on you, just as your success depends on festivals. We are committed to your success and we appreciate the same regard from you.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy – Suncoast Arts Fest has a strict no refund policy of the entry fee and the booth fee. There will be no refunds of booth fee after payment is received. Fees will not be refunded for acts of God, inclement weather or extenuating circumstances. Please be sensitive to providing a wide range of price points to the show patrons.

Reproduction Policy – Definition of a reproduction = “a copy or multiple images of an original artwork which you created.”  While we understand that “Repros” are the bread and butter of your sales, ALL REPRODUCTIONS MUST BE LABELED ON THE FRONT OF THE IMAGE AS A “REPRODUCTION”. YOU MAY NOT DECEPTIVELY PASS OFF A REPRODUCTION AS AN ORIGINAL WORK. This policy will be strictly enforced.