Artists: set up times: 10:30pm Friday eve. and as early as 4am Sat. morning!



10th Annual Suncoast Arts Fest

at the Shops at Wiregrass – 2015 SHOW


Updates that you received this week….

Please read this carefully because it covers some important topics that we’ll assume you’ve had a chance to read about! Some of these topics are related to insurance issues that are out of the Shops at Wiregrass and the Suncoast Arts Fest’s control –

OVERNIGHT RV PARKING – This year because of insurance issues, the Shops at Wiregrass (SAW) is not allowing artists to stay overnight in their RVs/vehicles. The RV’s/trailers may be parked overnight but may not be occupied. We have some information for artists who want free overnight RV parking. Please contact by email or you can receive directions at registration.

BOOTH INFORMATION – We get lots of requests to tell artists their booth assignment before the show. We don’t give the booth numbers out because the Shops at Wiregrass (SAW) bans anyone from setting up before the stores close AND the street must be entirely empty before any set-ups are allowed.
However, this year we’re trying a new numbering system which we hope will make it easier for artists to locate their booth and realize if might be a bit confusing. You were emailed a map for the artists to check out before the show. Numbers start at the far west end of the Shops (near Moe’s and Barnes and Noble) and the street is divided into sections each of which have the ODD numbers on the north side of the street and the EVEN numbers on the south side. The map shows the numbers in each section.

2015 artist map
This year we also included a list of which artists are in each section. Actual booth assignment numbers are not included, just the sections. A reminder – assignments are still tentative and may be changed. We are providing this information so you can familiarize yourself in general with the numbering system. We are also noting the group you will be judged in: 2-D (blue), 3-D (pink) or Jewelry (gray); make sure you’re in the correct group.
Until after you register and get your booth assignment, please:

  • DO NOT park in the Paseo Drive section noted
  • Stay completely off of Paseo Drive

TENT SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS – There will be specific information on tent placement at check-in. Please make sure to read this. Highlights include but are not limited to

  • positioning tents 2-4 feet off of the curb and using those 2-4 feet to store any items you might need to store preferably in bins or at least neatly arranged,
  • keeping everything off of the sidewalks during the show,
  • using an appropriate amount of weights to securely anchor your tent and not involving any part of the SAW like trees, benches,etc.
  • taping down any electric cord.
  • We remind you to bring flashlights for use during set-up and to make sure you are featuring only categories of artwork that were included in your application.
  • pull the front of your tent up to the L shaped markings on your spot. For a 10′ tent, this should give you 4′ of storage area behind the tent. If you have a overhang on the front of your tent, the overhang must be within those markings! This will insure a 20′ easement in the middle of the road for emergency vehicles if needed.
  • Below is what you can expect to see:


tent placement.rev

VEHICLE PARKING  – During hours of the show, the SAW requests that artists park ONLY in LOT C and LOT H to leave spaces nearer to the shops available for customers of both the shops and the artists. SAW has said they will be very strict about enforcing this parking directive. Parking permits are included in your registration package and please put it on your dashboard while you are parked at SAW during the show. If you must have a ride from the parking lot to the show, please text/call 727-534-3445 to request a ride; ride service provided as available. Artists with handicapped tags may park in handicapped spaces. The Shops at Wiregrass will issue a fine for artists that do not park in designated areas.

SHOW INFORMATION FOR ARTISTS – In an effort to be “greener”, we are posting some material on our website that we used to include in your registration packages. To read these, go to our website, select the “Artist” tab on the top bar, click on “For Artists” in the drop-down menu. Our web master is in the process of posting them so they may not be up yet. These items include-

  • A summary of the press and media coverage for the event
  • The Judges’ bios
  • The Entertainment schedule
  • Why we hold the show – To help fund arts educations K-12
  • The Phoneography contest details
  • Information on Duncan McClellan’s Glass (DMG) Etching Experience
  • About the Art Maker Space
    We are looking forward to welcoming back artists who have participated in the show before and meeting the artists who are new to the show – see you soon!

Saturday, January 17 10 am – 6 pm / Sunday, January 18   11 am – 6 pm     


            SET-UP –   Registration opens Friday January 16 10:30 pm-12 midnight (artists may stay longer to set-up but no one will be at the check-in table) and 4am Saturday, January 17.  After you get your check-in package and booth assignment, you may drive to your booth to drop off your display then please move your vehicle to PARKING LOT C or LOT H.  By orders from the Fire Marshal, booths must be set-up 2 feet from the curb in the chalk-marked spaces with the openings facing into the street. Paseo Drive must be left open for emergency vehicles at all times. Please be careful to not destroy landscaping or block sidewalks and access to the mall tenants’ doorways.  Your vehicle must be moved off Paseo Drive into PARKING LOT C or LOT H immediately after unloading. All vehicles must be off the street no later than 9 am Sat. The side of your booth facing the sidewalk should have a tidy appearance with cartons & packing materials out of sight under tables, etc. You may want to consider placing some artwork on that side so pedestrians on the sidewalk can see your art.


ARTIST PARKING – Park in PARKING LOT C or H only. Parking the Red Robin and Panara’s parking lots is strictly prohibited. If you have an RV, you are welcome to park overnight in LOT C just know that there are no amenities (water, electricity, or sewage).


ELECTRIC – Available at each booth at no extra cost. Artists may use no more than 20 amp equipment.


END OF SHOW – Vehicles may enter the show area for pick-up absolutely no earlier than 6 pm Sunday. Artists may not breakdown their booths before the show is over at 6 pm Sunday. From 6 pm on, you may drive up to your booth to load up your display. If you prefer to dollie out, you may do so any time after 6 pm. We ask that you break down as much of your booth as possible before bringing your vehicle in. Vehicles may only be brought in via the 2 side streets (by the parking garage and by the kid’s area).More information will be provided at the show.


SECURITY – Sheriff’s deputies will patrol the artist tent area all night Friday and Saturday.  Regular mall security will also be present and street lights will remain on all nights. However, the Suncoast Arts Fest and the Shops at Wiregrass are not responsible for artwork or personal property left in your booth overnight.


NAME BADGES – Artists must wear name badges at all times during the show for ID purposes.


BOOTH SIGNS – Display your booth sign conspicuously on the UPPER RIGHT FRONT CORNER of your booth.



SNACK BAGS provided to artists by a kind sponsor on Saturday,

PANCAKE BREAFAST for artists on 9:30 am Sunday morning after the 1 Mile Fun Run for the Arts

THE ARTS AND BUSINESS SHOWCASE GALA presented by the Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce 5pm – 9 pm Sat.


BOOTH SITTING – Volunteers will be available to booth-sit when you need to leave it briefly.  Call 727-247-6182 to request this service or ask a passing volunteer. Make sure you provide your cell number so they can call you if necessary.


JUDGING – There will be a team of 3 judges (see the judging info sheet). Judging will be based on each artist’s body of work and the awards will be reached through mutual consensus.  Judging will begin soon after 9:00am on Saturday and continue until complete. The judges have been told to spend 2-3 minutes speaking with each artist and each judge will place a colored sticker on the booth signs to indicate they have visited.


AWARDS – At about 11:30 am on Sunday, awards will be delivered to the booths of the winners. After that occurs, the winners will be announced from the music stage, winners’ names will be posted on Facebook and our website ( and the names will be posted near the music stage.


VIDEOGRAPHER – There will be a videographer available if you are interested in having a PR video made for yourself. Contact Pam at 727-534-3445 for price and other information.


SALES TAX – Pasco county sales tax is 7% and must be collected by each artist making sales. The Florida Department of Revenue has requested and received a list of participating artists and their contact information.


EXIT SURVEY – Please, please, please fill out this form and return it to us.  We always listen to what you say – artists are our most important concern.  Your comments have made this show what it is and the show is evolving every year thanks to you!