SUNCOAST ARTS FEST Youth Volunteer Waiver/Agreement for Participation on Jan. 16-17, 2016

SAF or any person associated with the SAF is not responsible for personal injury or loss of property. The Shops at Wiregrass or its employees are also not responsible. Participant assumes all risks and is solely responsible for their property, safety, and well-being.

Youth under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign for them. Individuals over 18 sign for themselves
Alcoholic beverages and pets are prohibited
Participant agrees to follow any instructions from the event supervisors
The risk of injury from participating in activities associated with the Suncoast Arts Fest is minor but possible, including the potential of personal injury, property damage or wrongful death resulting from any cause. I also understand and agree to the event rules stated above and that this is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY. My signature indicates that I hereby release the Suncoast Arts Fest and its organizers and all participants and volunteers from liability for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death.

Parent/legal guardian’s                 Parent/legal guardian’s                                 Participant’s

Signature                                             Printed name                                                    Printed name                                    Cell phone





Date ___________________



I, _____________________________________, volunteer coordinator for the Suncoast Arts Fest 2014 do attest that


(student name)_________________________________________________________ from


(school name) __________________________________________________________


Volunteered for ___________________ hours  on _____________________________(date)


The Suncoast Arts Fest is a program of Fine Arts of the Suncoast, a 501-c-3 designated organization